Wednesday, 1 December 2010

what im going to be putting on my tree and why.

lots a lights and loads a sweets and loads a prezzie under the tree notlots though cause i wont be at home for christmas. im going on holiday with my daddy to the forest and sleep in a real big cabin. so not many things on my tree but the most important thing is my angel i call is momma cause shes coming to join us for christmas so i get two angels for christmas momma will be here for our big party to i love my momma lots and have never known a christmas with her .

Monday, 29 November 2010

Why It's not a good idea to play candyland on the roof.

Well all you have to do is look at my foot. I played candyland on the roof and triped and fell off the roof landing heavily on my foot. I cried lots then daddy checked and put a cold wet cloth on it and gave me some pain meds. That night i had trouble sleeping cause off the pain. I told my Cuzzin what happend and that i was in a lot off pain. She and my daddy took me to the hopital where the dr gave me a needle in the thigh and i sung a song. Then i had an xray and she told me i had fratured my talus which i think is the foot. now im stuck in a cast and cruthes for 6 weeks all through christmas :(. THATS WHY YOU DONT EVER PLAY CANDYLAND ON THE ROOF.

Monday, 18 October 2010

What Superhero am i?

i am a shy power ranger cause i have a bag over my head with a smiley on it. I can fly real high and fight like a pro. I chose Shy power ranger cause i think its funny and reallly cool. Im not sure what all my powers are yet but im guna find out. Im only a beginner one day i will be a big power ranger and maybe i wont be shy.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Why?

Im more pessimistic cause i well i think i know what it means maybe. Because i try to see what my furture holds but i wonder if bad things will happen to me like they did to my mommy. i also run a shop and im not sure im going to be big i often find myself sitting and worrying that i will fail. Im also scared i will be alone i try to look in to the furture being optimistic but i find it very hard to be positive its just somthing i have to try and learn to be.

Monday, 11 October 2010

What i want to wear for halloween and why?

I want to be a pumpkin mostly because i have been watching full house and the little one was wearing a pumpkin costume it looked so cute and i thought to myself i want to be a pumpkin and look that cute to. I also want to be a witch cause i can be sneaky to my Daddy hehe i think the cuter i look the more candy i will get and and and maybe someone will see me and say i want her to model for me then i get to do my dream and be a model that would sooo cool.